Small Factory – I Do Not Love You (SpinART, 1993)

The debut 12-song CD from Providence, RI’s Small Factory was released in 1993, after the band had already caused quite a stir in the Northeast indie pop scene. Guitarist David Auchenback, drummer Phoebe Summersquash, and bassist Alex Kemp were able to display intensity over normally summery instrumentation. Their focused style of lo-fi college rock instantly garnered positive attention with their early singles and powerful live shows. The band’s influence was wide-reaching. With each member singing throughout the album, the band was a true collaboration. The album’s early highlights include the bouncy “Keep on Smiling” and the heart aching “What Angels Say.” Bird sounds and intricate guitar lines on “Our Deseret” give way to the sixth track, “Valentine,” which was written by Lois Maffeo. The album really hits its stride on the sequence of the spunky “Lots to Do” and the mellow “Pretending It’s Sunny.” The live track, “Come Back Down,” shows the band at its best: energetic and poppy. The disc ends with the toned-down “Junky on a Good Day.” The album was recorded  primarily at Boston’s White Room Studios. ~ by Stephen Cramer, AMG


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