When Nalda Became Punk – A Farewell To Youth (Shelflife, 2013)

Inspired by the classics (Dolly Mixture, Heavenly, and Helen Love) as well as some of Spain’s finest (Moving Pictures, La Pequeña Suiza, and Vacaciones), When Nalda Became Punk are set to lead the next chapter of brilliant Spanish bands into the world! Elena’s vocals simply shine over the jangly guitars and playful synths and drum machines. Their songs are quirky and fresh, with plenty of spirit. Ten tracks (plus a bonus song) full of pop perfection! Lead single “When It’ll Come” is easily one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard all year. Download it for free here!

For Fans of: Heavenly, Helen Love, Moving Pictures, La Pequeña Suiza, Vacaciones, Band à Part, Even As We Speak ~ Shelflife Records


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