VA – Caroline Now! – The Songs Of Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys (2000)


Some three years in the making, Caroline Now! The Songs of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys is more than just a much deserved tribute to arguably the greatest of all American pop bands; it’s also a lovely and engaging introduction to some of the finest talent the contemporary pop world has to offer, highlighted by such newsworthy developments as the reemergence of ex-Vaselines frontman Eugene Kelly (the Spector-esque opener “Lady”), the solo debut of Belle and Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson (the wistful “Good Time”), and, most remarkably, the first new Free Design recording in some three decades (the rapturous “Endless Harmony”). Wisely, the set focuses on the Beach Boys‘ more obscure material (much of it dating from the 1970s), a decision that allows the performers far more latitude in imprinting their personal stamps on the songs; at the same time, with so many of the acts featured on Caroline Now! making their admiration forBrian Wilson‘s work thoroughly evident in their own records, there’s nothing too radical either; the High Llamas‘ “Anna Lee, the Healer,” for example, sounds exactly like you’d expect it would. Still, by and large, the disc boasts an artistry and consistency most tributes lack, thanks as much to the brilliance of its subject as to the torch-carrying affections of its contributors; with Mike Love beating a dead horse leading an ad-hoc Beach Boys lineup on the state fair circuit and with Wilson himself touring in what often seems like a musical adaptation of Flowers for Algernon, god only knows it’s reassuring that at least someone’s keeping their musical spirit truly alive.
~ by Jason Ankeny

VA – Caroline Now! – The Songs Of Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys (Marina, 2000) | DOWNLOAD


1. Lady – Eugene Kelly
2. I Wanna Pick You Up – Alex Chilton
3. All I Wanna Do – June & The Exit Wounds
4. Wind Chimes – Katrina Mitchell & Bill Wells
5. Anna Lee, The Healer – The High Llamas
6. Ne Dis Pas (Girl Don’t Tell Me – French version) – Souvenir
7. Lines – Duglas T. Stewart
8. Busy Doin’ Nothin’ – Camping
9. Good Time – Stevie Jackson
10. Endless Harmony – The Free Design
11. Go Away Boy – The Pearlfishers
12. Stevie – Saint Etienne
13. Honkin’ Down The Highway – The Radio Sweethearts
14. Lonely Sea – Eric Matthews
15. Rainbow Eyes – Kle
16. Let’s Put Our Hearts Together – Chip Taylor & Evie Sands
17. Pet Sounds – Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
18. Heroes & Villains – Malcolm Ross
19. Only With You – Norman Blake
20. Caroline, No – The Aluminum Group
21. Do Ya – Jad Fair
22. Big Sur – The Secret Goldfish
23. Good Timin’ – David Ritchie Coalition
24. Almost Summer – Kim Fowley


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