BOAT – 50 Sweaty BOAT Fans Can’t Be Wrong (2013)


Genre: Indiepop / Lo-Fi / Guitar Pop

Albatross Appreciation Society / Salutations, Joan Hiller / Ocular Icicles / Guillotine Dream / King Of West Palm / Hold It In Your Holiday Hands! / Allergic To Us / After All / I Wanna Be Your Sam Cooke / Brain, Oh Brain! / A Call To All Ears / Royalty Provider / Riding Bicycles In Tandem / Correction, Correction / Occupation / Pudding Pop Rock / Clogged Castle / Remember The Romans / Trained By Trains / In Melodicas We Trust / Let’s Drag Our Feet! / Quickly and Quietly / The Bar Is Too Low To Fail / Holding All The Globes / Ups & Downs / Lanterns and Laughing Ladies / Return Of The Rainbow Shoelace / My Humble Opinion

[Hail The Sound Records, 2013]


Video for “Holding All The Globes” (audio only)



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