Picnic no Front – Pessoas Estranhas / Silvânia Fluorescente (2014)


duplodeck – Brisa

Mutt Singles # 04 . June 2014.

The fourth issue brings duplodeck making a statement of their affection for 90’s guitar bands. Built on soothing riffs, dreamy voices and a lot of feedback, “Brisa” is a wall of noise that creates a sunset atmosphere.

The track is part of their upcoming tape ‘Verões’, which will be issued by Pug Recs and distributed by @bleedinggold.

Download duplodeck first EP at pugrecords.com/duplodeck-ep

Cineplexx – Florianopolis (2014)

[BANDCAMP] Florianopolis, new album by Cineplexx 

London-based Cineplexx release a brand new album full of tropical cosmic disco and melodies inspired by paradise. The composition and production of the album marks an evolution in the Cineplexx sound and is a kind of cocktail of danceable sounds –disco, bossa, afrofunk, electronica and pop- that transports the listener to an exotic space where lovers stroll in the summer, the horizon and the sea water guide us to the magic island, a place in which we might find an after hour Ariel Pink dancing with Rita Lee, to the sounds of Tom Jobim, Chic, Prince or Fela Kuti. 

The first single is “Te Quiero” (out March 24), a contagious song, the most afrofunk influenced track of the new Cineplexx album, the b-side of the single is the warm futuro-bossa “Sol”. 

The full length album “Florianopolis” (out April 7th) contains 13 songs in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese, produced, composed and performed by Sebastian Litmanovich, with guest musicians adding vocals: Linda Mirada, Natalia Clavier (Thievery Corporation & Federico Aubele), Lilies On Mars y Ana Montiel (also the artist in charge of the album cover). 

Nuevahola Records  |  Cineplexx’s Facebook

Video for “Te Quiero”

Spearmint – A Week Away (1999)


A Week Away / Isn’t It Great To Be Alive / Sweeping The Nation / Third Of My Life / We’re Going Out / Start Again / Best Ballroom / You Carry This With You / Trip Into Space / It Won’t Be Long Now / Making You Laugh / You Are Still My Brother / Saturday

[hitBACK, 1999]


Video for “A Week Away” (audio only)