The Tamborines – Sea Of Murmur (2015)

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The Fireworks – Runaround (Shelflife, 2013)


The Fireworks are my favorite new indiepop band. Fuzzy pop songs well crafted in the old school style. Highly recommended!!

[SHELFLIFE] Shelflife presents the second 7″ release from The Fireworks with “Runaround” b/w “With My Heart” and “Asleep” coming November 26th. Limited to 300 copies, the first 100 will be available on transparent red vinyl, exclusively on

The Fireworks have been busy since their debut EP in March. They have enlisted Shaun Charman (The Popguns, The Wedding Present) as their new drummer and together been playing numerous shows around the UK including the Indietracks Festival, the Nottingham Pop Alldayer and supporting The Wedding Present in Brighton. And last but not least they’ve managed to record three fantastic new tracks for this single.

Fans of their debut EP will be pleased to know the band continues right where they left off — delivering intoxicating head-bobbing noise pop. “Runaround” and “With My Heart” feature Emma on lead vocals surrounded by layers of fuzz and feedback with the usual Firework’s flare for crafting perfect two minute pop songs. The third track “Asleep” is a lovely closer featuring Godfrey Salmon on viola alongside Matthew’s whistful vocals. We’re super excited for this release and can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us in the new year.

For fans of: Razorcuts, Henry’s Dress, The Shop Assistants, Meat Whiplash, early Primitives, Buzzcocks, The Frenchmen

Listen to “Runaround”

Filipe Alvim – Zero EP (Pug Records, 2013)


Novo lançamento da Pug Records saindo do forno. O EP Zero, de Filipe Alvim, traz em pouco mais de 10 minutos melodias pop ensolaradas e uma sonoridade que alterna-se entre ritmos brasileiros e o lo-fi/noise-pop  já característico das bandas do selo. Destaque para as faixas “Domingo”, “Jardim do Amor” e “A Divisão”. Ouça abaixo:


Vídeo de “Domingo”

Surf City – Kudos (2010)



Surf City’s first full-length album, 2010’s Kudos, takes the noise pop sound of their self-titled debut EP from 2008 and refines it into something quite similar, but better. That EP had no shortage of catchy songs and inspiring moments that conjured up ghosts of both Flying Nun and noisier NZ bands like Bailter Space and the 3-D’s; this album has more. Song after song rolls past in waves of reverb, distortion, and trance-inducing rhythms, each with sharp hooks built on repletion, Josh Kennedy and Davin Stoddard‘s distant vocal chants, subtly yelped choruses, and the thickly intertwined guitars. They tend to blend together into a midtempo haze (in a good way) that feels much longer than the album’s 45-minute running time. Again, that’s a good thing since it’s a pleasant, caressing haze of sound that’s only rarely punctured by a boost in tempo (though “ICA” bursts out of the speakers like a blast of freezing cold water near the album’s end). The record and the band hit the sweet spot between the narcotic drive of the Velvet Underground, the murk of a wooly Flying Nun band, and the guitar overdrive of Sonic Youth. It’s a not uncommon spot for a band to find themselves in, but Surf City manage to escape any threat of sounding common by imbuing their sound with an insistent energy and drive. Instead of drifting away into the ether or plodding like heavy-handed copyists, they play the songs like they have something to lose, like they are the first band to ever harness these forces of noise and melody. It’s a good strategy, and songs like the gently undulating “Yakuza Park” or “Teachers,” which surfs like a pro on waves of feedback and falsetto backing vocals, will end up stuck on a loop in your head after a couple listens. The whole record works like that, sounding good on first listen and then working into your system like a distorted and tuneful bacterial infection. It may be nothing all that new, but whether it’s a nostalgia trip or a first-time discovery of just how well noise and melody can blend together,Kudos is vital listening for indie rock fans in 2011.  – by Tim Sendra, AllMusic

Surf City – Kudos (Fire Records, 2010) | DOWNLOAD

Video for “Crazy Rulers of the World”